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Taihisa Hill-Guye

CEO, Founder, Principle Consultant

Our firm is owned by our lead consultant Taihisa Hill-Guye.

Taihisa is an immigrant to Canada who, since walking herself through the express entry program, fell in love with the immigration system of Canada and was adamant about becoming a consultant. She realized a missing gap between landing and adjusting and wanted to be the force behind changing this.

She graduated from the Anderson College’s Immigration consultant program in 2020 with honors. There she worked as an intern and later as admin at an immigration firm for almost 1.5 years before becoming licensed and starting Tabula Rasa Immigration Services Inc, March 2022. She is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), registered and licensed member of the CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants) in good standing and a proud member of Canadian Association Of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) Taihisa also holds a BS in Geology, Ms in GIS, and is a licensed LLQP and Mutual Funds advisor.

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